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What is an IS/IT strategy?

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The abbreviation IS/IT stands for "Information Systems/Information Technology." It is defined as a long term planning process that creates comprehensive ways to manage information and technology as part of the overall business plan, which aims to create shareholder value. What an IS/IT strategy does is explain how IT should not be handled on an ad hoc basis but rather according to long-term planning that ensure company wide use of information as a strategic business resource in support of the company's business plan.

In practical terms, this means that rather than each division or person implementing software and hardware strategies as needed over the short term, implementation of database design to network infrastructure come under a CIO or other centralized IT department as standardized and coordinated IS planning. Consequently, the various departments, such as the sales, marketing, and development departments, of a company will share data seamlessly. An IS/IT strategy can also save a company considerable amounts of money by coordinating purchasing, support, upgrades and tracking of information technologies. 

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