What is an original Bob Fosse biography?

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Fosse could be considered as one of the most talented artists in the modern setting.  He was revolutionary in so many approaches in both film, dance, and his construction of art.  There are multiple biographies out there.  Yet, I would actually start with his semi- autobiographical film, "All That Jazz."  Much of Fosse's approach to art as well as his own challenges in filming "Lenny" while directing and choreographing the musical, "Chicago," are evident in the film.  While there might be a natural fear in using an autobiography as a part of the construction of a narrative, I would consider using the movie as a good starting point because it is an unusually frank and open approach to self- analysis and rumination about the direction of Fosse's life.  The same elements brought out in "All That Jazz" can be seen in many of Fosse's other works, particularly so his last film, "Star 80."  In terms of books out there about Fosse, I think that Beddow's Bob Fosse's Broadway might be valuable because it examines him from a dancer's point of view, illuminating the intensity with which he approached his craft of creating perfection on stage.

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