What Is An Office

What is an office system? Discuss the structure of an office?


krishna-agrawala | Student

Office is word which is used in many different ways. Perhaps the most common use of the word. The most common meaning of the word office, and perhaps the meaning intended in this question is a place and facility in a business or any other organization which deals with operation related to information rather than physical operations like manufacturing, transporting, or inspecting physical products.

Office functions primarily deal with activities such as collecting or recording data, storing and retrieving it from records, files or other storage mechanisms, analysing dada and information and using such data for decision makinfg or for reporting to others, and communicating data.

The structure of an office will very much depend on the purpose served by the office. The office of a travel agent engaged in making travel reservation of customers, will be very different from the office of a production planning department of a manufacturing company engaged in planning, scheduling and controlling of the shop-floor activities. The office of a firm of solicitors will still be very different from the previous two types of offices mentioned.The only common classification system for structure or activities of all offices can be in terms of the data processing activities indicated in the paragraph above.

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