What is an example of an internal and an external conflict in Part 2 of Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers
sarahc418 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part 2 of Fahrenheit 451 is the section of the novel in which Montag has discovered books and tries to better himself to understand them. He seeks out Faber and learns what he can about the truth about the past and why it is that books are prohibited. He tries to break free from thinking as the propaganda from his country has brainwashed him to think.

His internal conflict in the chapter is that he wavers between being anti-government/anti-firefighters to feeling guilty for reading and having books in his possession. He cannot decide whether or not to confess to his boss or to continue trying to decipher the content of the novels.

His external conflict in the chapter is again between Montag and his boss, Captain Beatty. Beatty and Montag are at the fire station after Montag left Faber. The fire alarm sounds, and they take off to Montag's house where it is in flames.