What is an input screen and what must be included in an input screen?Please explain in detail the things that should be included in an input screen.

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I believe the input screen in the question refers to the specific type of displays in computer screen or monitors.

As the name implies input screen are used to facilitate entering of input data in computer systems. Such inputs screens are designed specifically for each of the computer application system. These are designed to make the task of inputting data in a computer system, easy, fast and error free.

The simples form of a input screen will display the title or name of various data items to be entered, with provision to navigate from one item to another, and a place to display the actual data entered through keyboard against each item of data.

However, a typical input screen used in most of computer application will have features such as:

  • Ability to choose data to be entered from a given set of options.
  • Show additional data stored in the computer based on the information entered in the screen For example, when an employee code is entered the screen may display additional information like name and  designation of employee based on the employee record.
  • Check the correctness of the entries based on set rules. For example an employee name should not contain numbers and the employee code must conform to the required code structure.
  • Identify and alert on incomplete data.
  • Prevent accessing or modification of data by unauthorised persons.