What impression of Julius Caesar’s character did you get in Act I?

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The answer to this question depends upon whom you are trusting to relay the "correct" information about his character.

In the first scene, Marullus says that Caesar should neither be cheered nor celebrated, since his victory for Rome has come at the expense of Rome's other heroic leader, Pompey.  He chides the Commoners:

And do you now put on your best attire?

And do you now cull out a holiday?

And do you now strew flowers in his way

That comes in triumph over Pompey's blood?

In Scene Two, which opens with Caesar, Antony and Calpurnia, Antony says, "When Caesar says 'do this,' it is perform'd," suggesting the power and respect that Caesar has amongst his fellows and people.  And, in this same scene, once Brutus and Cassius are alone onstage, Brutus says that he fears "the people/Choose Caesar for their king," and in...

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