What is an important scene from The Crucible?

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I would say that a very important scene in the drama would be when John recants his confession.  I think it's important for a couple of reasons.  The first would be that it represents the essence of the individual standing against society. The collision between individual and collective order is most evident when Proctor stands up for his name.  In representing this, I think that identifying an individual against a group would be one of the strongest and most telling ways to display such an important scene.  The driving force of the play is Proctor's evolution into a man who takes a stand for what is right, even at great cost to himself.  From being someone who does not want to get involved with what is happening to becoming a force that represents the repulsion of social tyranny almost entirely on his own, I think that this scene represents the essence of Proctor's transformation.  In the process the scene is very important to the theme of the drama and the power of the individual even in the most challenging of circumstances.


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