What are important quotes from Mercy and Judith in "Witch of Blackbird Pond", and how do the quotes represent the person?  page numbers please =)

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Judith has a tendency towards vanity.  She shows this when, after trying on one of Kit's beautiful and stylish dresses, she exclaims,

"Just wait till I walk into Meeting in this on Sunday morning...a few people I know won't hear a word of the sermon!" (Chapter 4, about 3-4 pages in). 

Judith is not completely selfish, however, as she demonstrates when she impulsively notes about a delicate English shawl of Kit's,

"This would be perfect for Mercy" (Chapter 4, about 3-4 pages in). 

Mercy, in contrast to Judith, is completely unselfish and practical, protesting,

"Goodness, what use would I have for such things?  I scarcely ever get to Meeting" (Chapter 4, about 3-4 pages in).

I think the quote that best reveals Mercy's serene nature is her response to Kit's question, "how can you bear it, always staying behind?"  Mercy expresses her attitude of complete acceptance of her handicap by saying,

"Oh, I settled that a long time ago.  I remember it very well.  Father had carried me to the doorstep, and I sat there watching the children playing a game in the road.  I thought of all the things I would never ba able to do.  And then I thought about the things that I could do.  Since then I've just never thought much about it" (Chapter 11, first two pages).

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