What is an important quote from Joel in the novel The Bronze Bow?

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In Chapter 20, Joel visits Daniel to tell him that he is moving to Jerusalem, and Daniel laments at his decision to part ways with Rosh's band. Joel then tells Daniel that Hezron is trying to arrange a marriage for Thacia, which further upsets Daniel. Joel finishes the conversation by telling Daniel that Jesus is in great danger, and encourages Daniel to warn Jesus. Before Joel leaves, he says,

"Go see him, Daniel. I wish---but it's too late for me now. Perhaps we made a mistake. Maybe Jesus is really the leader we're waiting for" (Speare 220).

After Joel tells Daniel that Jesus could be the real leader, Daniel has a feeling of hopelessness and despair. Daniel feels that everything he has dedicated his life to is lost. However, Daniel listens to Joel's advice and travels to warn Jesus. During Daniel's visit, Jesus encourages Daniel to love, instead of seeking vengeance. This concept is hard for Daniel to accept, but at the end of the novel, Daniel lets go of his hate and bitterness. Joel's quote encouraging Daniel to visit Jesus is significant because Jesus' message has a profound impact on Daniel's life. Joel was also correct in stating that Jesus was actually the leader they were both waiting for.

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