What is an important quote in the book The Shakespeare Stealer, and what is its importance?Please include the page number in the book.

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For me, one of the most important quotes in this excellent and gripping book comes in Chapter 22, when Julia, now that the players know she is a woman, talks to Widge about her passion for acting and how everybody plays a part in life, whether they are actors or not. Note what she says to Widge in this chapter:

We play the roles others expect of us.

Julia establishes the truth that we all play the roles that others expect us to play so that we can "give others what they expect of us." This identifies a universal truth that is particularly relevant in this play, where so many characters actually play different roles from their "true" selves. This is true in the case of Widge, who has to play the part of an enthusiastic player whilst secretly plotting to steal the copy of the play. This is also true for Julia, who has been forced to play the part of Julian, and it is definitely true for Falconer/Simon Bass, whose disguise is used to mask a certain ambiguity about his character. We all play different parts in our lives, whether we are players or not.