What is an important event that took place within the last ten years. Write persuasive essay of 1500 words minimum and evidence to support an opinion/ argument regarding the particular event must...

What is an important event that took place within the last ten years. Write persuasive essay of 1500 words minimum and evidence to support an opinion/ argument regarding the particular event must be included.

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Since the question is tagged with current events and social studies, there can be any number of topics to choose from. Presently, for example, there is the standoff with Cliven Bundy, whom the present government claims owes over a million dollars because his family has had their cattle grazing on government land for over a hundred years. Further, there are other issues involved against or for which the student can argue.

Another crucial event that has taken place in recent history is the unresolved situation of the murders of four Americans near the U.S. Libyan Embassy in Benghazi on September 12, 2012. This is a topic of much debate and controversy; there is a wealth of information on this topic and it is one for which a student can take a clear stand. Therefore, this or something controversial like this will work well for the essay. There are a couple of stands that one can take on the side of the people who feel that the situation has been covered up for political reasons. One is that politics should not supersede the safety of Americans, and the other is that leaders must be honest with the American people at all times. If however, the student feels that there was no cover-up or incompetence, then he/she can take the other side that there was confusion, the CIA made the best decision at the time. (See former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morrell) 

At any rate, there are other incidents that will work well, if these topics do not appeal because


  • It is important to have a issue about which the student feels strongly about
  • and can argue pro or con for the construction of a persuasive essay.
  • Another strategy that is important is to list arguments and counter arguments prior to the composition of the persuasive essay.(The student must acknowledge opposing argument; this is called "conceding a point" and is a sign of strength as it demonstrates having thoroughly researched all sides)
  • Much solid evidence is needed to support the position one takes


  • In addition to these beginning strategies, the writer needs plenty of support for his/her arguments. So finding an issue that has been written extensively about such as the examples given is a necessary item. Further, the student will want to cover thoroughly and fairly all potential arguments against his/her stance.
  • With persuasive writing, it is essential to convince the reader the issue you write about is important. There are ways to do this:
  1. Starting with an example or anecdote that is interesting, or a surprising statistic works well. Asking a rhetorical question is also effective.
  2. Then, there should be identification of the issue that is to be argued and the position to be taken.
  3. Organizing can be done in three ways: (a) Order of importance: the writer can begin with the most importance, or build from least to most to save "the heaviest ammunition for last."
  4. Using chronological order is helpful in cause-and-effect relationships clear.
  5. Using logical order involves presenting arguments followed by rebuttals; another method involves presenting one argument followed by one rebuttal, moving back and forth.
  • Using logical appeals, appeals to the reader's reason are essential. Proof for the arguments is absolutely necessary.
  • Using appeals to emotions are sometimes effective, especially those that speak to the reader's heart. (Benghazi:  the death of the 4 Americans). 
  • Using power and loaded words is effective, too. For emotional appeals, the writer can use emotional or connotative language, language that evoke feelings and attitudes. 

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