What is an important event in the story Freak the Mighty?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kevin and Max have many adventures during the novel, Freak the Mighty, but the most serious and dangerous one comes on Christmas night. After a wonderful holiday, Max suddenly awakes from a pleasant dream to find his father, "Killer" Kane, hovering over him. Max is kidnapped and taken to the projects, the New Testaments. His father holds him in a dirty, abandoned apartment, where "Killer" tells him that he plans to take Max away with him. "Killer" learns that the police are after him, so he moves Max to another, more delapidated apartment where he bounds and gags Max in the basement. Max manages to free himself, with the help from Loretta, but "Killer" intervenes and begins choking the woman. Max attacks his father, who then begins to choke Max. But, like Lancelot to the rescue, Kevin suddenly appears and sprays a concoction of spices into the eyes of Max's father, temporarily blinding him, and the police return "Killer" to custody. As the Fair Gwen carries him away, Kevin calls out "Freak the Mighty strikes again!"