What is an important detail about the house from the story "Liberty" by Julia Alvarez?  

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samcestmoi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The most telling detail about the house in “Liberty” is that wires had been installed in all the rooms – bugs, for government officials to listen in on what was happening inside.  The narrator of the story, a little girl living in the Dominican Republic during the dictatorial rule of Rafael Trujillo, is the daughter of a man opposed to the brutal politics of the dictator.  He is collaborating with members of the American embassy to get his family safely into the United States, but after these wires are found it is evident that their plans are not so secret as they had hoped.

The narrator stumbles upon two men hiding in their yard, and upon telling her parents about the encounter the house is searched and the wires found.  These men were government spies sent to monitor the conversations and activities of the narrator’s family.  They tell the narrator to keep their presence secret, but she does not.  This incident is likely what allows the family to escape, for after this any discussions about the escape are conducted outside, and certain conversational topics are forbidden inside the house.  Trujillo is aware that the narrator's father opposes him, and that he has dealing with the Americans -- thankfully, the family is able to keep the dictator in the dark enough to escape.

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