What is an example of a transformation in The Kite Runner?I need to find a good quote for a transformation.

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Many of the characters in The Kite Runner undergo transformations of some sort. Amir grows into a responsible young man after his move to California. He marries, becomes a successful author, and carries on a loving relationship with his father. His transformation only becomes complete, however, when he returns to Afghanistan to retrieve his nephew, Sohrab. Baba's change is a more drastic one, leaving behind his wealth and power in Kabul for life as a poor working man in America. Hassan is transformed when he leaves Baba's house after being accused of theft. He learns about betrayal but he forgives Amir and goes on to marry and raise a young son. He returns to Baba's house to live with Rahim Khan in the hope that he will see his friends again one day. Soraya is transformed from a druggie to a housewife. Assef changes from a spoiled rich kid to a murderous Taliban leader. Sohrab, who first enjoys a poor but happy life with his parents, becomesĀ a sexual playtoy to the Taliban before being rescued by Amir and reverting to life in California.

Perhaps the best quote regarding transformation comes from Rahim Khan, who knows that the secrets in Amir's past can never be settled untilĀ Amir forgives himself. Rahim tells Amir in a telephone call that

There is a way to be good again.

Rahim realizes that Amir's return to his homeland to find his nephew Sohrab will complete his transformation into an honorable man.

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