what is an example of a similie part 2 of fahrenheit 451

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Bradbury uses a number of similes in Part 2 of the book. For an example, take a look at this quote:

She was beginning to shriek now, sitting there like a wax doll melting in its own heat.

In this example, Mildred is desperately trying to get Montag to turn his back on the books that he has stolen. What is interesting about this simile is that the comparison to a doll, an inanimate object, emphasizes Mildred's emptiness and lack of interest in anything beyond entertainment.

Another simile can be found in this quote:

Delicately, like the petals of a flower.

In this quote, Montag is remembering Beatty's words as he burned a book. He compares the burning pages to a petal of a flower. It is this memory (and the delicate beauty of the pages) which prompts Montag to decide on making duplicate copies before he burns any books.

Finally, Faber uses a simile when he talks about the declining number of students in his university. This simile emphasizes his sadness. For him, education is a beautiful thing and he could not stop its deterioration, just as we cannot halt the melting of ice:

How like a beautiful statue of ice it was, melting in the sun.

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A simile compares two unlike things using the words "like" or "as" .  Bradbury uses extended similes.  He elaborates on them. The pages of my book may differ from yours.  However, the answers should be in the approximate place.

"He stared at the parlor that was dead and gray as the waters of an ocean that might teem with life if they switched on the electronic sun." (pg 73)

This compares the parlor to the waters of the ocean.

"The bombers crossed the sky and crossed the sky over the house, gasping, murmuring, whistling like an immense, invisible fan, circling in emptiness." (pg 73)

This compares the bombers to an immense fan circling in emptiness.

"She was beginning to shriek now, sitting there like a wax doll melting in its own heat." (pg 76)

This compares Mildred to a wax doll melting in its own heat.

"I remember the newspapers dying like huge moths." (pg 89)

This compares newspapers to huge moths.

 "....Mildred ran from the parlor like  native fleeing an eruption of Vesuvius."(pg 93)

Mildred is compared to a native fleeing Vesuvius

"His fingers were like ferrets that had done some evil and now never rested...." (pg.105)

In this case, his fingers are compared to ferrets.

" Montag sat like a carved white stone." (pg 108)

Montag is compared to a carved white stone.

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