What is an example of a primary source that relates to Brown v. Board of Education?

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One example of a primary source related to Brown v. Board of Education is the Supreme Court judgement written by Chief Justice Earl Warren. An image of the document is attached to this answer. This document is dated May 31, 1955, almost exactly a year after the court's unanimous ruling on Brown v. Board of Education that school segregation was unconstitutional. The judgement states the court's plan to enforce desegregation of all schools "with all deliberate speed." This ruling was important in the process of desegregation that followed the Brown v. Board of Education decision, because it created an immediate court-ordered necessity for desegregation.

This decision was controversial because segregationists argued that the court was overstepping its role by essentially creating a law, and ruling without legal precedent. Supporters of desegregation celebrated the document, although the lack of guidance for how to implement and enforce the ruling slowed the process.

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