What is an example of a personification in act2 of Hamlet?  

allthedoll | Student


Act II, scene 2, line 491


First Player

With less remorse than Pyrrhus' bleeding sword


Here, the Pyrrhus's sword is personified by the word bleeding.  The act of bleeding is something an object, such as the sword, cannot do, but humans can.  Remember that personification is giving human-like characteristics or qualities to an object that would not normally have them.


llf94 | Student

The question of honesty recurs repeatedly in the play. For example, in the encounter between Hamlet and Polonius:

Hamlet Then I would you were so honest a man.
Polonius Honest, my lord?
Hamlet Ay, sir. To be honest, as this world goes, is to be
one man picked out of ten thousand.
Polonius That's very true, my lord.

The question of honesty appears again in Hamlet's dialogue with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern:

Hamlet What news?
Rosencrantz None, my lord, but the world's grown honest.
Hamlet Then is doomsday near.
The lack of honesty that Shakespeare is concerned with is our lack of honesty in accepting reality and, in particular, in facing up to our own mortality.

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