What is an example of person vs person in "Julius Caesar"?

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There are many examples of Person vs. Person conflicts in this play; in fact, Shakespeare built the play around these conflicts! On the largest scale, it would be the Conspirators' army vs. that of the Second Triumverate at the end of the play. Of course, the Conspirators are defeated. Then we have the conflict between two Conspirators, Brutus and Cassius, after the assassination of Caesar. Brutus calls Cassius greedy.We have the central conflict between Brutus and Mark Antony concerning who should govern Rome. We have the People vs. the Conspirators during Mark Antony's famous speech. And what starts all this conflict??? Of course, the Conspirators vs. Caesar; some have noble reasons for the assassination such as Brutus, and others not so noble such as Cassius!

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