What is an example passage from "The Giver" for the theme "Secrets may be better off kept than revealed"?I need two passages

Expert Answers
linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The perfect example from this book that sometimes we're better off not knowing secrets is when Jonas discovers what his father's job actually is. His dad is what they call a Caregiver; that is, he nurtures infants until they are placed with families. When his father brings Gabriel home for extra attention, Jonas and the reader see his father as a truly caring person. Gabriel has been a difficult baby, and if he doesn't improve, he'll have to be released.

Then we find out exactly what it means to be released. Over closed-circuit television, Jonas watches as his own father "releases" an infant: he kills the baby with a lethal injection. Now Jonas knows that there is no "elsewhere" that unwanted or ill or elderly people are sent to. They are simply put to death.

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