What is an example of Nazism and Fascism?

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The best example of Nazism and Fascism would probably be present in Europe in the 1930s.  Fascism, complete authoritarian control with a noticeable lack of tolerance for dissent and institutional checks, could probably be best seen in a leader like Benito Mussolini.  He demonstrated Fascism in his willingness to personify government and his unwillingness to surrender any of his political power to anyone or anything else.  In a singular representation of political will, Mussolini would represent fascism.  Nazism, or national socialism, would be best represented by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.  Advocating a very extreme form of national socialism, this government represented a consolidation of power for Hitler and his Nazis.  Both fascism and Nazism were on display in Europe during the 1930s and represented a time when singular notions of the political good were either being accepted by people or forcibly being imposed on those who attempted to voice discontent but without much success.

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The government of Germany before and during World War II was an example of both Nazism and Fascism.  This is because Nazism is really just a form of fascism.

Basically, fascism is an ideology that says that a country should be run on nationalist principles.  That is, the country should honor its own ethnicity and look down on all others.  It also says that all people should obey the leader of the country (it is authoritarian).  Finally, fascists believe that all of society should sort of be one organic whole that is led by that one leader.  Nazism held these beliefs, with the ruler, of course, being Hitler.

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