What is an example of Napoleon manipulating the animals with his speeches other than when he convinced the animals that Snowball was a traitor?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that a great example of how Napoleon was able to manipulate the animals in his speech actually comes during the debate on the windmill.  Snowball delivers this powerful and awe- inspiring speech about the windmill and rallies the animals to his side.  Napoleon realizes this and his "persuasion" consists of this high pitched whistle at which points all of the dogs, savage and far more dangerous than the small pups they once were, descend upon Snowball, running him off of the farm for good.  This is an example of how Napoleon views speeches, in general.  He is not very good at them and frankly does not want to be.  He believes in manipulation through force, and the idea that he would use the dogs to drive off Snowball sends a statement to the other animals.  It becomes clear form this that standing against Napoleon is a fate equated with death and this becomes the primary means by which Napoleon is able to manipulate and persuade the other animals to what he wants.  Napoleon's use of force becomes the primary means of persuasion as a ruler and he shows it in this scene as a part of his own "speech."