What is an example of a "moral maze" in sports management?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In business ethics, a moral maze is an issue in which there are many ethical and moral dilemmas and in which a manager can go wrong even if they are not trying to be unethical.  

In sports management today, a major issue today centers ardound college football and men's basketball players.  This is an area in which there are many gray areas.  For example:

  • Should the players be compensated monetarily outside of their scholarships?  Is that unethical or is it humane given how many of them lack the family resources to live like regular college students?
  • Should these sports be as "big time" as they are?  Is it right to make these young men into "heroes" who are the source of tremendous amounts of revenue while alleging that they are really "student-athletes?"  Should the sports be toned down to where they are more like high school sports rather than big business?

These are issues where well-meaning people can very easily go wrong.  This makes them examples of "moral mazes."