What is an example of a metaphor in the book Tangerine by Edward Bloor?

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One example of a metaphor in Tangerine is when Paul says, “Of course, it wasn’t really a game. It was a war” in reference to the soccer game. Metaphors compare two things without using the words like or as. Metaphors can also be extended metaphors and compare two things over the course of an entire text, as the expert in the previous post explained. In this quote from Paul, soccer is being compared to war. The soccer team is even named the War Eagles.

Another metaphor is when Paul is at soccer practice and says, “I was in the far goal again. I may as well have been in Houston.” This metaphor is commenting on his distance from the rest of the team. The action is going on at the other end of the field and he is by himself in the far goal. He feels as distant as if he were still living in Houston.

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Tangerine is a metaphor for Paul's life. What had been good and thriving was bulldozed by greedy developers and built upon by crooked politicians. Paul's life was a normal one until he turned five. Then, some mysterious incident robbed him of normal sight. The termite ridden ground resulting from the houses being built on top of rotting tangerine trees was like the family atmosphere in the Fisher household. Something was wrong and really rotten in the family, but there was no acknowledgement of its existence. The muck fires smoldering underground was the fear and anger Paul felt toward his older brother Erik. The sinkhole was his collapsing soccer career at Lake Windsor Middle when he was removed from the team for his visual impairment.

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