What are examples of metaphors the author uses in the poem "To A Sad Daughter?"

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"To a Sad Daughter" is a poem that touches the poignancy of a father as he reflects upon the realm of emotions he feels for his daughter. Controlling this poem are unstated metaphors: the connection of the outside world with the father's memory of incidents in the life of his daughter, as well as the connection between father and daughter. Some of these memories are described metaphorically using colors. One example is a metaphor that connects both father and daughter in feeling with the color purple, a color associated with mystery and isolated brooding,

...even your purple moods 
when you  retreat from everyone
to sit in bed under a quilt...

And sometimes I've gone
intold my purple world
and lost you.

While the daughter takes for granted her comfortable life and her freedom, and the father does encourage her free spirits; nevertheless, his words seem to be somewhat cautious as he shares with his daughter her anticipation and marvel at the possibilities of the life ahead of her without fear.

Memory is permanent
Remember the afternoons
Yellow suburban annunciation
Your goalie
in his frightening mask 
dreams perhaps 
of gentleness.

This metaphor of "yellow suburban annunciation," or the possible world beckoning her, yet one where she should be cautious, recalls the possibilities that the father has imagined when he came into his daughter's room and saw the yellow sunlight streaming down on her as in a new dimension (suburban) that is a religious (annunciation) announcement.