Mockingjay Questions and Answers
by Suzanne Collins

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What is an example of Katniss finding who she is in Mockingjay? I would like to find an example of Katniss finding her "purpose" or her true character.  

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There are several moments throughout the final novel where Katniss finds herself and her purpose.  One of the moments early on is when Katniss returns to District 12, to see the wreckage first hand.  After viewing the scorched homes and even skeletal remains, Katniss returns to District 13 to confirm that she will act as the Mockingjay for the revolution. 

Another moment is when the propos are going poorly and Plutarch along with Haymitch agree Katniss needs to be filmed in action, so they send her to visit the hospital in District 9.  When Katniss views the hospital's destruction first hand, she makes the speech to the camera:  "Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us!"  This moment really acts as a true catalyst for Katniss' involvement in the revolution, when she realizes what her true impact on the revolution could be.  Whereas she felt emotionally detached before, she begins to buy into the hype of the revolution and believe in her own abiltiy to facilitate change. 

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gabrielle720 | Student

One of the concepts is that Katniess never really reaizes, or more so accepts, that she is evr a Mockingjay. She believes she is jist one person, just a girl from the poorest District, surving under the unjust and opressive Capitol - and refuses to accepts Cinna, Haymitch, Peeta and Gale saying how much effect or weight she has on people, and Panem. 


Points of ignition are: Katniss seeing District 8 [I think it was 8] revolt. Then things spiral out of control. When she met the escapees of District 8 and they showed her the symbol of the "Mockingjay" and said they were on "her side" she was not even aware she had a side, the Districts had her as the face of their rebellion and were revolting against the government from the time she defied the Capitol in the Games.  

Also, with Gale, when she told him about District 8, and him mentioning District 12 can revolt as well; when Gale is almost beaten to death in the changeover of Peacekeeper, and when Peeta mentions to her that things will never get better with the oppression - that they people revolting for every good reason. At this point, Katniss was not even aware of the plan in place, involving her, and the Quarter Quells, with the spies at the Caitol and District 2 - and the existence of District 13 and their nuclear stronghold. Her allies named her the Mockingjay without her consent. 

However, Katniss eventually behaves, out of her own bravery, as an exemplary Mockingjay. She even chooses the same team members: Mags, Wiress and Beetee - Haymitch had intended for her in the Quarter Quell - but mistrusting Finnick and Johanna because of her reserve. She accepts the title from Coin, to save Peeta and the other tributes. Katniss accepts Boggs handover of commander to her when they get to the Capital too, trusting his commands to the death of many - and was determined to have their mission reach Snow. 

Katniss' default will always be to think of herself as a single person, on a mission to protect those she loves - but to do that, she had to keep accepting the title of Mockingjay and the responsibilities that came with it - however reluctantly.