Fight Or Flight Examples

What is an example of a "fight or flight situation"? Could you please write the answer in Grade 9 scientific terms?

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "fight or flight" response occurs when the body senses some imminent danger, something is perceived as a threat, and immediate action is needed.  What happens is the adrenal glands deliver a quick infusion of epinephrine, a hormone better known as adrenaline, which elevates the heart rate, acclerates the respiration rate, and delivers maximum energy to all the cells in your body.  For one brief and shining moment, you become "Superman", capable of doing feats of strength you would never be able to do under ordinary circumstances.  History is ripe with examples of people lifting cars off other people trapped beneath them, running into burning buildings to save trapped people, and outrunning attackers who would do them harm.  I still remember to this day, when I was a teenager, I was walking in the woods by my house, and just happened to see a snake coiled up by where I was about to take my next step.  I was barefoot and had shorts on, and all that I could think about was that snake striking my foot or leg.  Before my foot hit the ground, I pushed hard with my other leg and foot, and did the equivalent of a standing "high-jump" with one leg!  I did not get snake-bit, and needless to say, the snake could not keep up with me, as I raced back to my house.

mirall | Student

The fight or flight response is the automatic defensive system that is built into your body that is triggered when your body senses danger.

Example: you're walking down a city street and a man steps infront of you with a knife. He orders you to give him money. At this moment you can either chose to fight him off, comply with his demands, or run away from the situation entirely.