What is an example of fate in Romeo and Juliet act 4?I need to come up with a quote that has fate vs. free will in it and explain the role of fate.

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One example of fate in Romeo and Juliet Act 4 deals with Juliet herself.  She is fated to be with Romeo either in life or in death.  From the beginning of the play we have known that both Romeo and Juliet were meant to be together.  In scene i, Juliet threatens the Friar with her own suicide if he cannot help her out of her desperate situation.  The Friar understands that Juliet is bound to Romeo.  He offers her another option.  She can appear to be dead and wait for Romeo to come and take her away.  In scene iii, we see the part of the fulfilment of the Friar's desperate plan.  Juliet sends her mother away with the nurse so she will be free to drink the Friar's potion.  Of course in scene iv, Juliet is discovered and believed to be dead.  By Act V scene iii, the characters fates are finally sealed completely.