What is an example of depression in "Fahrenheit 451" and where can it be found in the book?

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One of the best examples of depression in the book is when Montag comes home and finds his wife near death.  She has taken an overdose of sleeping pills.  It is found in the first section of the book.  He comes home, finds his wife, calls the emergency services and they revive her.  The next day she doesn't remember a thing.  In my edition of "Fahrenheit 451" it is on page 18-19.  Montag asks one of the men from emergency services why they didn't bring a doctor with them and the man replies, "Hell! We get these cases nine or ten a night.  Got so many, starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built."  This quote indicates that there is a great deal of depression in the world of Montag.