What is an example of compassion from To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Yet another act of compassion in To Kill a Mockingbird occurs when Scout invites the obviously hungry Walter Cunningham Jr. to the Finch house for lunch. Scout is aware that Walter Jr. will have no lunch at school after refusing Miss Caroline's loan of a quarter for school food. So, Scout makes the friendly gesture of inviting the bedraggled boy home for a home-cooked meal by Calpurnia.

Another act of compassion comes from the unseen Boo on the night of the fire when he drapes a blanket across Scout's shoulders to protect her from the cold. Boo had previously shown his kindness to Jem when he awkwardly mended the boy's torn pants and folded them on the fence.

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I’m assuming you are looking for acts of compassion or concern by characters in the novel.  The acts of compassion that I always find the most fascinating are the acts of compassion by the novels most mysterious character, Boo Radley. Despite the children’s misconception of him being the equivalent of a monster, he provides the Finch kids treats in the knothole, he provides Scout a blanket during Miss Maudie’s fire, and later saves the children Bob Ewell’s attack. Other acts of compassion abound when we consider Atticus and his role in his community.

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There are many, many examples of compassion in this book.  I'll list a few below:

  • Atticus being kind to Mrs. Dubose, despite her verbal harrassment of him, and her insulting comments.  He sends Jem to help her through her last days, and tells him that she is "the bravest person I've ever known."
  • Atticus in taking the case of Tom Robinson, even though he knew that he would lose, and that it would open his family up to danger and ridicule.  He knew Tom was innocent, and so showed compassion.
  • Atticus in questioning Mayella, very kindly paints a picture of her dire life, her loneliness, and alludes to her father's drunkenness.  He tries to help the jury to relate to her and feel pity for her, a very compassionate move.
  • Scout shows compassion to Boo at the end by respecting his need for privacy, his shy nature, and his desire to make sure that Jem is okay.  She speaks kindly to him, and doesn't push him out of his comfort zone.
  • Boo giving Scout a blanket on the cold night that Miss Maudie's house burns down, AND, the neighbors as they help Miss Maudie as her house burns.

Those are just a few examples, but I hope that they can get you started; good luck!

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