What is an example of ambition in Julius Caesar?

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The play is set at a time and a place when ambition was everything in politics. Indeed, the Roman Republic was constantly in turmoil because of the ambitions of various individuals and factions. Julius Caesar is himself highly ambitious. He's made his way to the top of the Roman political system due largely to his exceptional achievements on the battlefield. His peerless skill as a general has allowed to him become a dictator, effectively bringing to an end several centuries of republican rule. And it is Caesar's all-consuming ambition that leads directly to his assassination.

Although in terms of substance, the Roman Republic may have been little more than an oligarchy, most citizens still paid lip service to the idea of a republic and all that it symbolized. The Romans had overthrown a king many centuries before; anything that hinted of a return to monarchical rule was to be violently rejected.

This is the main reason why Caesar was murdered: many in the Roman political class genuinely...

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