What is an equation of the line with slope of 6 and y intercept of -4

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The graph of `y=6x-4` will look like this:

Note how it crosses the y axis at -4

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The equation of the line with slope of 6 and y-intercept of -4 can be found by looking at the slope-intercept form of a line.

The slope-intercept form of a line is written as `y=mx+b `, where `m ` is the slope and `b` is the y-intercept.

The question contains all of the information that is needed. Once you substitute the values from the question into the equation of the line you get:



You can verify this is the correct equation by plotting the equation on www.desmos.com, and verifying that the line intercepts the y-axis at the point (0,-4). You can also verify that the slope is 6 by checking that the slope is positive and your y-value increases by 6 for every increase of 1 for your x-value.

The equation of the line with slope of 6 and y-intercept of -4 is:


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The slope intercept formula is y=mx+b. M stands for the slope and y stands for the y-intercept. Therefore, since the slope is 6 and the y-intercept is -4, it can be written as:

y=6x+(-4) which simplifies to y=6x-4.

y=6x-4 is the final equation.

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It depends on the type of equation that you want to put it in. If you want it in point-slope form, which is y=mx+b, then it would be y=6x-4. The numbers are in this order because "m" in y=mx+b represents the slope and "b" is the y-intercept. If there is another equation that you wanted to put those values in, then you would just plug the numbers in their appropriate places.

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