What is an article, picture, or advertisement that depicts a real situation that resembles Orwell's institutional threats to individual humanity presented in 1984?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One recent contemporary issue that has struck us here in the UK which is reminiscent of the nightmare Orwellian world presented to us in this novel is The News of the World scandal where journalists working for this periodical would, as a matter of course, invade people's right to privacy by tapping their phones and hacking in to hear their messages. There is a link to it at the BBC website below:


This is clearly something that shows how our own individual freedoms can be infringed and taken away from us without our knowledge. The good news is that this was discovered and the investigation is ongoing. The bad news is that it makes us aware of how easy it is to invade people's freedom and privacy. We are left ignorant of who is watching us and how often, just like Winston is thanks to the Thought Police in this novel.