what is an apical meristem?  

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Meristem tissue in plants is undifferentiated tissue in areas where growth occurs. An apical meristem in the shoot can give rise to leaves, and flowers. The cells are able to undergo rapid mitotic cell division and these cells are undifferentiated. They allow for the expansion of plant parts as well as the formation of organs and tissues. Differentiated plant cells usually don't divide or produce cells of a different type.However, cells in the meristem are required to produce new cells that can then increase the size of a plant, or initiate new organs to form. Apical meristems are indeterminate cells. They are located at the growing tip such as in the root or the buds of plants. These cells push forward a growing root or a shoot.

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The meristems are classified inti 3.

  1. apical meristem
  2. lateral meristem
  3. inter-calary meristem


The meristem lies at the apex of stem and root. due to the activity of apical meristem the length of the plant increases. the growth is initialized by the apical cell.