What is an analysis of the poem entitled "Poem" by Donald Justice? How does he use this piece to express a view of poetry? Is his presentation of this view sincere or ironic?

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According to Donald Justice, poetry is an inanimate conglomeration of words. Its meaning is often obscure, perhaps intentionally so. The implication is that poets write for themselves, not the reader:

This poem is not addressed to you.
You may come into it briefly,
But no one will find you here, no one.
You will have changed before the poem will.

His view of poetry is that it doesn't matter whether anyone understands what a poem means: "You neither can nor should understand what it means." To Donald Justice, poems are not meant to be admired nor to be thought of as a universal panacea for life's ills:

Listen, it comes without guitar,
Neither in rags nor any purple fashion.
And there is nothing in it to comfort you.

Basically, poetry can't really entertain us because it is often obscure in meaning. It also can't arouse our...

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