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What is an analysis of the painting "Couple Reaching Up" by Evelyn Williams?

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"Couple Reaching Up" is a painting created by British painter Evelyn Williams. The painting was completed in 1981 and features a dark prophetic vision of couples and groups of people reaching towards the sky with both arms. Although only a few faces of the figures are visible, one can assume that their facial expression conveys a feeling of exaltation or rapture.

Williams herself stated that her works tend to depict dreams and visions, or visual representations of the inner-thoughts. This painting is reminiscent of biblical descriptions of The Rapture, or when the hedonistic tribes experience reverence towards the tablets Moses introduces to them.

The title of the painting contains the word "couple," but the figures in the painting appear to be androgynous, and there is a group in the back with more than two people. This is the most ambiguous part of the painting, but it could be related to biblical imagery as well, particularly the story of Adam and Eve, who ask God for forgiveness after their banishment from the Garden of Eden.

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