What is an altomometer? It is a device but I want to know for what purpose it is used?

krishna-agrawala | Student

I am not familiar with a word like altomometer mentioned in the question. Perhaps it was intend to be either altometer or altimeter.

Altometer is a term which is used for theodolite, which is a precision optical instrument for measuring horizontal and vertical angles. This equipment is used extensively in all kinds of civil surveying and construction work.

Altimeter is a sensitive instrument that is used to determine altitudes of places and flying objects. Altimeters are used for scientific studies and surveying. One most common use of altimeters is in aeroplanes for determining the altitudes at which planes are flying. These are also used for many other purposes such as by mountain climbers.

The altimeters are of two main type of altimeters - pressure altimeters and radar altimeters. The pressure altimeters basically sense the atmospheric pressure, which is then used as an indicator of the altitude. Radar type altimeters are used in aeroplanes. They measure altitude by sensing distance of an object such as plane from the ground based on time taken for an electronic signal from the plane to travel from plane to the ground and back to the plane.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Altimeter is an instrument that measures the altitude (height) above a reference level (not necessarily sea level), and it could be found on board of the gliders and aircrafts.It shows the height of flight above the aerodrome of departure and it is based on the decrease of air pressure, in relation to height.

In fact it is a barometer, with indications in units of height. The use of the mercury barometer in gliding and aviation is virtually impossible, because of the relatively sudden changes of speed and height and, therefore,it is replaced by a metal vacuumed capsule, made of very thin sheet.The walls of the capsule are very elastic and they are deforming, under the action of atmospheric pressure. The deflection,which is proportional to external pressure changes, via a transmission system, is headed to a pointer, which moves in front of a dial, which is calibrated in units of height.

If the glider or the airplane climbs,the atmospheric pressure decreases, elastic walls of the capsule meeting a lower resistance, so the capsule expands, putting in motion the mechanism of transmission which, in turn, gives to the indicator needle a movement, which is proportional to the amount of distortion. On the dial of the device are shown units of pressure and amount of the corresponding heights.

Anyway, there is no such a device as "altomometer", but there is an instrument called altometer, which is a theodolite.

Theodolite is an instrument for measuring horizontal angles (angle from zenith) and vertical (vs. horizontal),and it is used in geodesy and mining.

Measurements are made with a stand that is adjustable by using aspirit level. The instrument is equipped with a graduated eyepiece telescope which helps the operator for precise targeting of a point on the ground, the angles vertical or horizontal being determined by means of graduated dials.


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