In evolution, what are Adaptive Traits?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Evolution is the process by which organisms change according to their habitat and outside influences. The organism develops traits that have a positive impact on survival and reproduction; these are called Adaptive Traits.

Essentially, when an an animal lives in a certain environment, it must be able to both survive and reproduce. If the environment is very cold, thicker fur acts as a positive, while thinner fur is a negative; the thinner-furred animals will eventually die out as the thicker-furred animals survive better. Similarly, a desert environment requires slow respiration and little-to-no perspiration; a fast-breathing, perspiring animal will quickly die of dehydration. Any biological trait that helps the organism to survive in its specific environment is an adaptive trait; the Coconut Crab evolved lungs to live and breed on land, while many flowering plants are dependent on insect life to spread their pollen.

pranitingale | Student

ADAPTIVE TRAITS :- these are the traits or characterstics adapted by the organisms to develope better skills and feature as to survive better than bafore

• EVOLUTION has a very strong link with it...

• animals got evolves as to survive in their habitat with good conditions..

♠for e.g mammals have developed four chambered heart because they are the locomotove organisms and need more energy hence they developed a different kind of heart. but this doesnt happens in other animals like snakes who has two chambered heart because they dont need much energy, for movement and lige processes due to simple organisation of body than human beings

♠other example is that frogs of rainforest develope green colour on them to get hide in their habitat perfectly, which is an good example of adaptation

☼ evolution is also almost same in which organisms change themself with respect to features, and reproduction as the environment changes.