What amount of 98% pure Na_2CO_3 is required to produce 5 lit 1 N solution ?

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Normality in chemistry is the grams of solute in a particular solution. To calculate normality you need to consider the following: 

1. There are to moles of sodium for every one mole of carbonate. The molarity for the solution is 1(CO3)/2(Na)= 0.5 moles 

2.To determine the amount of moles required for the solution, we must consider the volume of the solution. 

5L x 0.5 moles = 2.5 moles 

3. Since we know that there is 98% of Na2CO3 in the solution, we assume that there 98g out of 100g. Molar mass of Na2CO3 is 106g/mole Then to find the total amount of grams in the solution, we must do the following: 

Find molar mass of solute: 2.5 moles x 106 g/mole = 265 grams of Na2CO3 

Then, 265 g x 98g/100g= 270.4 grams of Na2CO3 



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