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jrwilliams4321 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a pretty wide open question.  Culture can mean any human created item or idea.  That said, the Amish are descended from German immigrants to the Americas (many to what would become Pennsylvania).  The reason for the Amish exodus to the new world is a familiar one, they were persecuted for their religious beliefs in their homelands.  The colony/state of Pennsylvania has a long history of religous tolerance, going back to its Quaker founding. This made it a natural setting for the Amish culture to thrive (the largest concentration of Amish are still in Lancaster county).  The Amish subculture rejects certain aspects of modern life due to a very strict interpretation of certain segments of the Bible.  For example, the use of a car would be seen to be "excessive" by the Amish.  Another example might be that the Amish prefer not to have their pictures taken up close.  It has been interpreted by their subculture to be a "graven image."