What are the main ideas presented in the prologue in Act II?

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The prologue serves the purpose of filling in holes of our understanding or even just summarizing.

Thus far, the prologue brings out the most important facts to consider in watching the play go forward:

  • Romeo is no longer crazy over Rosaline, that love is dead as he now loves Juliet.
  • The love Romeo has for Juliet is equalled by her affection for him.
  • There is a problem: Romeo and Juliet come from warring families.

These points are integral to understanding what is about to come.

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As I have told the theatre four class when we studied Romeo and Juliet (again) “Back in Shakespear’s time, they went to the theatre all the time-well, as much as they could- so, they knew the play by heart, so, they didn’t have to have a “SPOILER ALERT!!!” because they knew the story all ready.”

So, the common people as well as the royals had been to the theatre and probably saw the same play; six, seven times a month. If money would allow them.

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