What is American Style (On Capitalism )?  there are three choices.Tick the one that best reflects how you feel about the matter: 1-Americans have no business in other parts of the world. If U.S. corporations choose to move beyond the country's boundaries, they do it at their own risk. 2-Corporate profits should be earned in an ethical ways,taking into consideration human lives, rights and environment.If others refuse to do business with us, they should be left free. 3-Corporate profits should be earned whatever this costs because the true nature of capitalism is to make a profit at any human or environmental cost.

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I agree with number 2.  I think companies should behave ethically.  I do not believe it is possible or prudent for us to isolate ourselves from other countries.  A company can do business only in America and still behave unethically.

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As with a similar topic, this is not a question that someone else can answer for you. Look into the facts of capitalism around the world; where does it work? Where doesn't it work? Do we ascribe it more or less importance depending on where it is located? Why do we define "Capitalism" as one specific thing when there are so many different forms, and why do we commonly assume that our version, flawed as it may be, is somehow worse than other forms?

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(I myself would go with answer 2, qualified to add that no business wants to erase its consumer base; when you run out of consumers, you run out of business.)

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I also like choice #2 best. I am enough of an optimistic idealist to think that business should recognize that it needs customers in order to sell its goods or services and that customers need healthy places to live and jobs that give them income to spend. When businesses destroy resources, they reduce the number of jobs (as well as forcing their costs to increase) and frequently add to the negative environmental impact that is affecting so many areas around the world. It's good business for businesses to take care of the marketplace!

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Statement 2 comes closest to my belief.

We should not expect corporations to act ethically out of the "goodness of their hearts."  They have to compete in any way they are allowed to or else they will lose in the competition.  However, we should have laws that make #2 happen rather than not having laws and allowing #3 to happen.

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