What alternatives does Rachel Carson propose to the use of chemicals to control unwanted pests and plants in Silent Spring?

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In many of the chapters of Silent Spring, author Rachel Carson ends by speaking of methods of pest control that are alternatives to using toxic chemicals.

One example is seen in Chapter 9 in which Carson speaks of the problem of keeping the budworm controlled; budworm caterpillars are considered serious pests because of the amount of damage they can do to plant life by feeding. Instead of spraying toxic chemicals to kill budworms, Carson proposes the method of natural parasitism, which is attributed to first being proposed by Erasmus Darwin in 1800. Since all insects have "many natural enemies," including microbes and other insects, E. Darwin proposed controlling insects by using other insects to kill the pest insect.

In Chapter 17, Carson proposes using what she calls biotic controls, which is the use of biology to solve problems related to living organisms. In this scientific field, specialists use their "understanding of the living organisms they seek to control" and of the "whole fabric of...

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