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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In considering an alternative resolution to the plot of "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket," the reader must examine which choices can be selected that will contain verisimiltude.  So, keeping in mind that Tom Benecke is an aspiring businessman who does love his wife, the reader must write an ending that is in character with his traits.

Of course, one ending can be that Tom does not successfully break the window and return safely to the apartment.  In this case, the reader must make Tom's character have verisimilitude by having him regret what a foolish act he has committed while he falls, understanding that no sheet of data is worth one's life.

Another ending can have Tom breaking the window and not calling his wife's name as he does so.  When he falls inside, clasping the yellow sheet, he holds onto it.  Then, gathering himself up, he can sit at his desk, make his calculations, then think that he can join his wife.  He tucks all this work safely into the desk drawer, then hurries out to the cinema where the films are shown.  However, when he arrives, his wife is nowhere to be seen in the theater.  Retracing his steps, Tom looks in and sees his wife, sitting in a cafe booth with a man; she is laughing and seemingly having a good time.