What is the Alternative Life Style of the Family?Please give me definition, meaning and importance of my (question) Alternative Life Style of Family.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An "alternative life style" for a family could mean any of a number of differences from what the culture in which the family lives considers to be a "normal life style". If the normal pattern requires that a family has a male and a female as parental figures, any family that has only one parent, has two parents of the same sex, or has a grandparent, sibling or other non-parental figure as the head of the family would be considered as living an alternative life style. In cultures that have certain expectations regarding what roles within the family are to be fulfilled by family members of a certain sex or age, families following other patterns would be living an alternative arrangement. Alternative life styles are neither good or bad in and of themselves, but may be considered disturbing or threatening by those who feel society should remain static and not deviate from the "normal" or established pattern.