Biblical Allusions In Araby

What are the allusions used in "Araby"?

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Much of the conflict in James Joyce's story of a young boy's love is derived from his confusion of love with religious fervor.  In addition, the exotic excitement generated by his anticipation of the forthcoming bazaar affects his perception of his infatuation with Mangan's sister.  Indeed, the many allusions in Joyce's narrative serve to develop and strengthen his themes. 

Allusions in "Araby"

  • Religious allusions to the Catholic Church are frequent as Joyce felt the Roman Catholic religion had a stultifying effect upon the Irish.
  1. Christian Brothers' School
  2. The Devout Communicant, a work of Catholic devotional literature by English Franciscan, Pacificus Baker.
  3. "my chalice," the cup used in the Eucharist of the Catholic Mass. This chalice...

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