What are all the things Abigail Williams has done wrong that she knows to be wrong by the end of Act One of The Crucible?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

By the end of Act I, Abigail knows that she's done some bad things.  She knows this and tells her crew as much and forces them to "stick to the story."  Her list of transgressions is fairly exhaustive.  She knows that she got her friends together and, along with Tituba, danced in the woods when they knew they were not supposed to do so.  She also "drank blood" as part of a potion to eliminate Elizabeth Proctor.  She did this because she coveted her husband, John Proctor, and wanted to be with him at all costs.  She also is gulity of lying about all of this and "convincing" her friends to do to the same. She says this much to Proctor when they are alone. By the end of Act I, she has also "borne false witness," in saying that everything was Tituba's idea.  Additionally, when some of the girls start showing signs of weakness, she threatens them to capitulate to her.   When she says, "You will see red," it is a direct threat, one that is reinforced with a reference to the violent death of her parents.  By the end of Act I, there is much for which Abigail bears much responsibility.