In The Crucible, what are all of the things Abigail Williams has done that she knows to be wrong by the end of Act I.

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Let us remember the large number of things that Abigail Williams has done that she knows to be wrong, as judged by her society. First of all, she has committed the sin of fornication by having an affair with John Proctor. Secondly, she has then practised witchcraft, asking Tituba to cast a charm to kill Goody Proctor so she can marry John Proctor, drinking blood as part of this charm. Thirdly, she has threatened and manipulated the other girls who practised withcraft with her. Lastly, at the end of the chapter, she lies to save herself, accusing Tituba and then others of being witches and being in league with the devil. Clearly, Abigail Williams is a young lady with few moral compunctions and somebody who tries to manipulate situations for her own ends and purposes.