what are all the themes, motifs and symbols  in the play "macbeth"its better to explain each and evryone of them with examples from the book. thanks!!!

Zac Egs | Student


My answer would be as follows:

I would say that it is very hard to describe all the themes in Macbeth. But I will try to set forth a possible interpretation:
Macbeth (the play) is a tragedy and follows the principles of Aristotle's Poetics i.e. Macbeth (the protagonist) has a flaw, a "tragic flaw" that we call hamartia. Macbeth is compelled to kill Duncan and Banquo because of this tragic flaw. Macbeth (the character) is ambivalent and presents two main aspects: Firstly he is presented as a good and brave general of Duncan, secondly he is presented as hubristic. Hamartia leads to hubris (excessive pride). His excessive pride leads him to kill Duncan, king of Scotland.

My answer is incomplete but I hope it will be helpful.


Zac Egs

suvini | Student

yeahh thats perfect

even though it doesnt focus on the themes i think that information is helpful