What are all of the settings in the book Hoot?

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The main setting in the novel Hoot is in Coconut Cove, Florida, a small town. The main character Roy often compares his new home in Florida to his old home in Montana. The specific settings referenced in Roy's town are his school, Trace Middle School, the construction site where the burrowing owls live, and Roy's home. Other locations include a nearby wooded area by a dump where Mullet Fingers lives in an ice cream truck and a golf course where Mullet Fingers hides. The construction site, where they plan to build the pancake house, is next to the golf course. This makes it convenient for Mullet Fingers to carry out acts of vandalism that are meant to save the burrowing owls by inconveniencing the construction workers and postponing construction plans.

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Listing all of the settings is going to be a bit tough. There might be some really minor locations that a reader might consider a setting that other readers would not consider a setting location. For example, at one point in the book, Roy is riding in a school bus. I would like to focus on the main settings of the book.

The broad setting is Coconut Grove, Florida. The story then takes place within smaller, more specific locations within that city. Roy goes to school at Trace Middle School. His home is also a setting location throughout the book. A nearby forest is another location, and this is where Mullet Fingers lives. A fourth and final main location is the construction site where the new pancake house-style restaurant is being built.

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