What are all the personalities of the characters in "Romeo and Juliet"?Thanks!

Expert Answers
troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Benvolio is Romeo's cousin, and he is known as the "peace-maker."  He stops Tybalt from engaging in the fighting in the first scene.  "Part, fools.  Put up your swords.  You know not what you do.  I do but keep the peace."

Romeo is the son of Capulet.  He is too rash in his actions.  He falls for Juliet too quickly, he immediately kills Tybalt after Mercutio dies, and then he takes his own life when Juliet is faking her death.

Tybalt is known as "fiery" for his fierce temperament.  His often angry, he resents the Montagues, and he is quick to fight.

Juliet is known most for her loyalty.  She is dutiful to her mother in the beginning, and she is 100% loyal to Romeo until the end.  "Oh, happy dagger, this is thy sheath.  There rust, and let me die."  She will not live without him.

The Nurse is a character who gets lost in what her true duties are.  She should be a servant to the Capulets.  However, she becomes an accomplice to Juliet when she and Romeo are planning their lives together secretly.  She is part of the reason it doesn't pan out for the two lovers.

The Friar is the spiritual leader to Romeo.  He gives him advice and is there for him for guidance.  However, the Friar also oversteps his bounds and tries to make a wrong (the feud between the families) a right (by wedding the two.)  This backfires.